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St Helena

Population: 3,800 (est. 2012)
Language: English
Currency: St. Helena Pound (Sterling)
Area: 47 sq mi
Capital: Jamestown

Tristan da Cunha

Population: 259
Language: English
Currency: Pound Sterling
Area: 37.8 sq mi (main island)
Capital: Edinburgh of the Seven Seas

Falkland Islands

Population: 2,932 (2012 census)
Language: English
Currency: Falkland Island Pound
Area: 4,700 sq mi (7,500 km2)
Capital: Port Stanley

Ascension Island

Population: 884 (est. 2010)
Language: English
Currency: St. Helena Pound (Sterling)
Area: 34 sq mi
Capital: Georgetown

In Search of the Small Five

This series of images depict Namibia's alternative to big game safari found in other parts of Africa. Tourists flock to the desert in search of the 'Small Five'.

Fortress Gibraltar

The rock of Gibraltar contains a network of tunnels spanning more than 35 miles, constructed to create a fortress that would protect the peninsular from invasion.


This is an ongoing project exploring belief systems on the remote archipelago of Vanuatu. Coming soon.